Kyler's Woodland First Birthday Party

I apologize in advance for the serious photo dump here but I cant help myself it was to hard to choose which ones to share ! We hired a photographer to take photos of his party because I knew i wanted to capture all the details of it but not have to be stuck behind the camera all day ! I just knew I had to have Jen from It's Love Photography , not only is she one of the best photographers I have come across but she is also a dear friend of mine from college ! Jen is an incredibly talented photographer and I knew she would capture every detail of the day which left me free to relax and enjoy the party ! Thank you so much Jen you did an incredible job !

I chose a woodland theme for Kyler's party because not only do I love woodland things but he has the cutest little Fox he sleeps with every night so I new i somehow wanted to incorporate that into the party! His party was very affordable, I pulled tons of decorations from around the house to use, crafted all the rest and borrowed tables and chairs from davids work. The main expense was the food but that was also super affordable, we baked a lot of it and than got the rest from costco (they have awesome desserts). We had an afternoon party so we just did a dessert table and than a snack/appetizer table! I couldn't have been more happy with how everything turned out ! We had such a great day celebrating with loved ones !

The Dessert Table 
Kyler's 1st Birthday-130.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-134.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-33.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-41.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-18.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-36.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-341.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-37.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-34.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-17.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-284.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-38.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-16.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-80.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-28.jpg

Appetizer Table and other details 
Kyler's 1st Birthday-146.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-54.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-44.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-183.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-142.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-125.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-335.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-191.jpg

Kyler's Cake 
Kyler's 1st Birthday-196.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-193.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-221.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-246.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-259.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-264.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-214.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-247.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-249.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-279.jpg

To see Kyler invitations click Here

What a special day it was ! I am so thankful to have all these beautiful photos and be able to share them with you ! We also got a bunch of portraits taken that i will be sharing in a post later this week ! For a sneak peek check some of them out over on Jen's Blog. Thanks Again for these beautiful photos Jen !

I got the adorable little foxes from this etsy shop ThePaperCubby


  1. omg cutest 1st birthday I've ever seen! nice work.

  2. So proud of you! You did a great job!!! I love the pictures of kyler eating the cake, they are priceless!!

  3. Are you kidding me?! This birthday is incredible. Like out of this world darling. Where did you get that cute blue high chair? Also, I will be pinning this post... Hope you don't mind :)


    1. I dont mind at all ! You are the sweetest! I got it from a garage sale for 10 dollars and spray painted it !
      p.s. LOVE your cute blog !!


  4. such a beautiful party! you did an amazing job!!! happy belated to your sweet son!

    1. Thank you dear !! congrats on your pregnancy!

  5. oh my gosh, I just stumbled onto your blog and I'm very glad I did. These photos are amazing, what a beautiful 1st birthday party. Newest follower and I cannot wait to read more.

    I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog this week for a beautiful art print - swing by to enter. I think you will love the shop who is sponsoring the giveaway, Retro Menagerie.


    1. your so sweet ! Ill definitely check it out, thanks for sharing !

  6. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful party! Found your blog over at Jen's! Following <3 Alex


    1. Thank you ! Jen did a wonderful job taking these !! =)

  7. Amazing photos! What a beautiful baby and party! Looking forward to reading more of your blog. x

  8. Oh my gosh - cutest party ever! And these photos are so darling and perfect!! Ah, I'm just swooning. Absolutely love.

  9. O.M.G. that baby's face eating the cake and laughing! I love it

  10. omg. this is so adorable! i love the woodland theme. so precious!

  11. Wow, these are seriously amazing photos! You blow me away with your decorating/planning skills. I mean EVERY DETAIL is awesome.

    1. Thanks Lauren !! I so wish you could have been there!!

  12. I love this party! So adorable! You inspire me. And the photos are perfect.

  13. This looks like the most amazing birthday party ever!!! Every.little.detail?! Oh my gosh, I love it! And Mr. Kyler, those eyes?! Great job mama, all the way around, great job :)

    1. Thank you !! It was a lot of fun planing everything and crafting for it!

  14. Wow Beautiful party and detail!!! Great Job!!

  15. Stop it, this is the cutest thing ever!!! That cake and cupcakes. LOVE. And Kyler is so adorable, those pictures of him eating are so cute! Such a lucky little man :)

  16. So adorable! What did you use for the kraft and white paper flags? Did you buy the paper from a certain place?

  17. Did you make or buy the fox flag bunting banner? I didn't see it on the etsy shop, but I do see the die cut outs...how did you do this, I like the background of the flags as well as the fox. Thank you!


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