What We Wore : Kyler's First Birthday

I so wish that I had more time to get ready the morning of Kyler's Party, I would have loved to curl my hair and throw on a little more make up. Unfortunately that morning was pretty chaotic, loading everything up to take to the park, baking, cooking etc ... which left me with not much time to get ready ! So my outfit was quickly thrown together and one I had actually bought to wear to my friend's wedding but it worked out for the party to !

Photo Credit  Jen from It's Love Photography

Kyler's 1st Birthday-292.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-306.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-308.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-328.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-329.jpg

My outfit:
Dress : Forever 21
Lace Top : H & M
Necklace : Forever 21
Earrings : Forever 21

Kyler's 1st Birthday-175.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-173.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-4.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-112.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-107.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-170.jpg

Kylers Outfit :
Shirt : Baby Gap
Pants : H & M

I have a few more photos to share than I swear I'll be done with all the birthday posts haha. We got some family portraits done as well that I just LOVE and am excited to post!


  1. You look lovely! It's amazing how much work and preparation go into throwing birthday parties for little kids, isn't it? You pulled it together nicely, though. :-)

    1. Thank you Hannah ! I cant believe how much work goes into it ! I think next year will be a bit more relaxed! haha I had fun planning it though!

    2. Haha, I know what you mean! I planned my son's first birthday party and it was lovely and fun and people came.... the second year I was still exhausted from the first party and so we took advantage of the fact that he didn't know he was having a birthday and just celebrated it in our hearts. He didn't mind one bit, lol. I think I need one year one and one year off with planning birthday parties.

  2. I love your blog :) Following <3 come check out mine too k? I also have a fashion/life style blog :)


    1. Thank you! I will definitely check it out ! =)

  3. oh he is so cute!

  4. Gorgeous outfits. Your little boy is to die for! And I love your top and jewelry! So perfect.



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