Loving on these Leggings

So I was hoping to get these cute little leggings into an actual outfit post but until I do I just have to share my love of these brands. So for now iphone pics will have to do !

First pair is Little Cocoa Bean , I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE with these leggings ! The teepee print is so perfect ! I recently ordered some Arrow print leggings as well since i was so in love with the first pair ! And you all are in luck she just launched the most adorable tank tops for summer time, you guys have to go check them out !


Second pair I am loving are Sugar Lime Lane. Such a cute print !

Both pairs of leggings are made with 100% organic cotton knit fabric. The quality is amazing and they are so soft !


Mother's Day - Harveston Lake

I could not make up my mind for what i wanted to do on Mother's Day. My husband couldn't believe I didn't have some crazy adventure planned out to drag him along on haha, all I new was that I wanted to spend the day with my two guys doing something relaxing and not having to change diaper's! So we decided to drive to Temecula to go to one of my favorite parks. I use to go here all the time in college to do homework and it's just so quiet and peaceful there, I love it ! I felt like I was on vacation in Tennessee, everything was so green and beautiful ! The park is called Harveston Lake in Murrieta so if you live in the area you have to check it out! Our plan was to pick up some lunch and eat lunch in the park but by the time we got there we weren't quite hungry yet so instead we ended up just going and hanging out while kyler fed the ducks and chased them around, than we took a little boat ride around the lake. Afterwards we headed out for some sushi and thrift shopping !



 I had such a great mother's day ! What did you do for mother's day? Link in the comments below so i can see !


Family Portraits

So this wraps up my posts from Kyler's First Birthday Party ! I had to break it up into a few different posts since there were so many awesome pictures! Here are a few family shots we got !
Photos by It's Love Photography

Kyler's 1st Birthday-88.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-86.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-102.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-378.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-379.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-349.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-118.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-367.jpgKyler's 1st Birthday-114.jpg


What We Wore : Kyler's First Birthday

I so wish that I had more time to get ready the morning of Kyler's Party, I would have loved to curl my hair and throw on a little more make up. Unfortunately that morning was pretty chaotic, loading everything up to take to the park, baking, cooking etc ... which left me with not much time to get ready ! So my outfit was quickly thrown together and one I had actually bought to wear to my friend's wedding but it worked out for the party to !

Photo Credit  Jen from It's Love Photography

Kyler's 1st Birthday-292.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-306.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-308.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-328.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-329.jpg

My outfit:
Dress : Forever 21
Lace Top : H & M
Necklace : Forever 21
Earrings : Forever 21

Kyler's 1st Birthday-175.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-173.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-4.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-112.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-107.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-170.jpg

Kylers Outfit :
Shirt : Baby Gap
Pants : H & M

I have a few more photos to share than I swear I'll be done with all the birthday posts haha. We got some family portraits done as well that I just LOVE and am excited to post!


Kyler's Woodland First Birthday Party

I apologize in advance for the serious photo dump here but I cant help myself it was to hard to choose which ones to share ! We hired a photographer to take photos of his party because I knew i wanted to capture all the details of it but not have to be stuck behind the camera all day ! I just knew I had to have Jen from It's Love Photography , not only is she one of the best photographers I have come across but she is also a dear friend of mine from college ! Jen is an incredibly talented photographer and I knew she would capture every detail of the day which left me free to relax and enjoy the party ! Thank you so much Jen you did an incredible job !

I chose a woodland theme for Kyler's party because not only do I love woodland things but he has the cutest little Fox he sleeps with every night so I new i somehow wanted to incorporate that into the party! His party was very affordable, I pulled tons of decorations from around the house to use, crafted all the rest and borrowed tables and chairs from davids work. The main expense was the food but that was also super affordable, we baked a lot of it and than got the rest from costco (they have awesome desserts). We had an afternoon party so we just did a dessert table and than a snack/appetizer table! I couldn't have been more happy with how everything turned out ! We had such a great day celebrating with loved ones !

The Dessert Table 
Kyler's 1st Birthday-130.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-134.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-33.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-41.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-18.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-36.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-341.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-37.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-34.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-17.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-284.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-38.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-16.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-80.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-28.jpg

Appetizer Table and other details 
Kyler's 1st Birthday-146.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-54.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-44.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-183.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-142.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-125.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-335.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-191.jpg

Kyler's Cake 
Kyler's 1st Birthday-196.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-193.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-221.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-246.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-259.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-264.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-214.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-247.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-249.jpg
Kyler's 1st Birthday-279.jpg

To see Kyler invitations click Here

What a special day it was ! I am so thankful to have all these beautiful photos and be able to share them with you ! We also got a bunch of portraits taken that i will be sharing in a post later this week ! For a sneak peek check some of them out over on Jen's Blog. Thanks Again for these beautiful photos Jen !

I got the adorable little foxes from this etsy shop ThePaperCubby