Happy Easter

Kyler loved the pancakes ^
I must say spring is certainly in the air and I'm loving every minute of it (hence all the flower pictures)! This morning we went to our church's sunrise service at the flower fields, we almost didn't make it because it was so early! But I'm really glad we got our butts out of bed and went because it was the perfect way to start the day! Afterwards they had breakfast for everyone and we got to eat some yummy food and visit with some friends from church. Than we headed back home to give kyler his easter basket, all toys since he's to little for candy! Next stop was Noni and Grandpa's for lunch and some coffee, than we finished the day with some spring cleaning! It was a great day! Hope you all had a great easter!!


Life via the camera roll


1// Spring is in the air ! 
2// Love my little cuddle bug
3// First time at sonic - not a fan but I'm definitely a fan of that pizza! If you live in the area hit up wine steals.
4// I'm Craving Adventure
5// My friends are beautiful inside and out !

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5 Random Facts About Me

       5 Things you may not know about me // Tagged by the beautiful Lindsey from Pillow Thought

I live in southern California now, but i grew up in 
Bucks County, Pennsylvania. I moved out here when i was 18
to attend college and fell in love with it here and also fell in love with my 
husband! We than both transferred to the beautiful island of kauai to finish up school.
Once we got married we decided it would be a good fit to move back to California and we have
been here ever since. Although we dream of the island life daily and miss it very much!

I have almost died TWICE! Yea pretty crazy right? When i was
16 I was in a really bad car accident with my two best friends. We flipped off the freeway rolled 
down an embankment a few times and got wedged between some trees, the car was either upside down or on its side i cant remember. We had to shimmy out of a broken window and after we got out of the car the entire thing caught on fire ! There was nothing left but the base of the car. The drs couldn't believe we made it out alive and with only a few cuts and bruises! 
The second time was while living in kauai. I don't know if you could say i almost
died, but we were jumping off a 30 ft cliff into a little pond and my second time jumping in I jumped to close to the edge and landed straight on a rock! Thankfully there was a dr there and he jumped in immediately and swam over to help me. He pulled me over to the side and did a few little tests to make sure i wasn't paralyzed. He could not believe that i wasn't ,He said "girl you have angels watching over you" (the second time i heard this!). Not only was i not paralyzed but they thought i was going to have to get a helicopter to fly me out, since you have to hike back up. But some how i managed to make it back up ! And again only had a few bruises!

I often dream of living in a small town in the south! 
It can be pretty overwhelming here at times, there are SO many people living in Souther California and i find myself missing the quiet simple life of kauai. Don't get me wrong i do love it here and i know that i am blessed to live where i do, but i wouldn't mind settling down in a little town 
with big open fields and living the country life!

My Dad is a musician. So i grew up listening to all the best 
music! David doesn't understand how i know all the words to so many songs, but there was constantly music on in our house! From the Beatles to phil collins, fleetwood mac, Paula Cole, Frank Sinatra you name and we listened to it! I think thats why i like so many different types of music, I just love music! It can cheer me up even on the worst day! 
Side Note : Sadly i am not as musically inclind as my father but i did attempt the saxophone when i was in elementary school!  

I am a certified make up artist. Certified by none other than Kandee Johnson herself!
I have been working in makeup for years, Since i was about 16 (I'm almost 26!).
I do love doing makeup and i will still freelance from time to time but
I am pretty happy to be taking a break from it and pursuing my other
passions such as photography, blogging and my etsy shop! 


Sorry for the over exposed picture ^ but its all i have ! 
I would love to here your five random facts ! 
Comment below if you have a post like this !


Paired Favorites

It's time for another outfit post! I love this outfit because my favorite shirt is paired with my favorite maxi skirt! I usually wear a headband with it to give it more of a bohemian feel but i couldn't find it anywhere today...so i finally decided it was time to clean out my second closet, oops i mean car ! Yup my car had a ton of clothes,shoes and accessories in it. We have been on the go so much lately i end up throwing extra shoes, sweaters etc in my back seat in case we want to take a walk and i need comfy shoes or a sweater if it gets cold (does anyone else do this??) Anyways the headband was buried in there but the photos had already been taken so here ya have it with no headband


Shirt - Brandy Melville with a basic black tank underneath (i couldn't find this exact shirt on there website but i didn't buy it to long ago so if you live in the area you might be able to find it at there store in Newport)
Skirt - F21 (only 13 dollars!)
Shoes - Local Boutique - The Closet

Arrow bracelet - Brandy Melville (i also couldn't find this on there site but HERE is a similar one)
Watch - Nordstrom - BP section
Anchor bracelet - F21 (came in a set of 3)
Earrings - F21
Aviators - Nordstrom BP section

Nail Polish - Fiji by Essie (My Favorite - every girl should own this!)

Kyler took a late afternoon nap and woke up as i was taking the photos and he was not to happy about participating in this post haha

Kylers Outfit
Cardigan - H&M
Pants- Baby Gap


Side note : Feel free to pin anything off my blog if you like or follow me on Pinterest to see my blog pins! There is a follow button on the side of my profile =)

P.s. Kyler has his first casting call tomorrow down in san diego so prayers and thoughts appreciated!



My Favorite Little Corner

I wanted to share with you a favorite part of my little house. I recently rearranged my living room because i really wanted a place to display some art work, so i decided to move my book shelf into our room (you may remember how it use to look from THIS POST) and i just absolutely love how it turned out! The art wall it the first thing you see when you walk into our home and it puts a little smile on my face right when i walk in the door!

My Favorite Part of Course is my beautiful Kelli Murray Print! You can find it on her etsy shop HERE
Also if you havent yet seen HER BLOG do yourself a favor and head on over cause its amazing!

Dream Catchers can be found HERE =)




Quick Momma Style

This is just a quick momma outfit , nothing to special. We have been so busy lately, which does not leave me very much time to get ready these days but i always like to make sure i have a little make up on and a somewhat put together outfit!

                                     Shirt - Plain white tee from Forever 21
                                     Pants - Local thrift store Captains Helm
                                           Similar Here - Forever 21
                                   Shoes and Straw Hat are from a local boutique

                                             Shirt - My DIY onsie
                                               Pants- Baby gap

Hope you all are having a lovely week!



Weekend Photos

This weekend was so sunny and warm we just had to put aside the million things to do and enjoy it. We are so excited for daylight savings because now it wont be dark by the time david gets home from work ! It's already feeling like summer here in southern california, this whole week will be in the mid 70's, so im certainly planning on soaking up some sun!

Here are a few pictures from our weekend, if you live in the area you have to go get breakfast at a local place called pipes. They have such delicious food (my favorite is the breakfast sandwich with a side of cheesy potatoes!) and the whole place has a fun beachy vibe to it, its one of our go to breakfast spots! Afterwards we always love taking a walk over at cardiff, i just love the cliffs alongside the beach and this past weekend there was a sweet little baby seal enjoying the sun!


I have to share this picture of how excited kyler gets to be at the beach he literally tried jumping out of your hands to get down and play in the sand!

Kyler was memorized ^

We enjoyed the extra hour of sun and made ourselves some margaritas

What did you guys do this weekend with your extra hour of sunlight? Link in the comments so i can see!



Tried it , Loved it : Recipes

This week i actually had time to meal plan, i love doing it but rarely have had the time lately! But i have decided to bring it back into part of my weekly schedule and it got me to thinking that i would like to start a new little series here on the blog "Tried it, Loved it" where i share recipes i have tried and that i really like!

This week i baked the most amazing Paleo Blueberry Muffins, they are healthy for you and were such a hit in our house!

For dinner i made almost all my meals from the same blog because they all looked so delicious and healthy ! I know i mentioned this on instagram twice this week but for all my readers who don't follow me on there you guys have to go check out Honey and Brie. Her recipes are all healthy and she has lots of gluten free recipes as well !

Monday night i made Spaghetti with pesto broccoli-and arugula - This was so delicious and did not take long to make at all , its the perfect meal to make if you don't have much time, which is often the case with a little one around!

Tuesday night i made Cauliflower crust pizza
Wednesday night was Lasagna Soup - which i actually ended up making twice this week since my husband ate almost all of the first one i made and i barely got any! Seriously guys its to die for!
Friday morning I made Bre's Mini quiches with veggies for my breakfast club. Once a week me and some girlfriends get together at each others houses and have breakfast together and this week it was at my house ! All of these recipes are so good i can not wait to make some more of them from her blog!

Okay Well I'm off to go plan next weeks meals (exciting saturday night, i know)