Lately i have been loving homemade toys and stuffed animals for kyler, they are so unique and adorable! Some things on my want list for him ...

Maileg animal friend - the cool wolf with his hat

I really adore the whole collection !
Indian mouse and teepee

Luckyboy sunday tip top tree

I found all of these at Huset-shop.com

Loving this pillow from luckyboys sunday but cant find anywhere to order it (if you know where please let me know!)

Also loving these little leggings from Thiefandbanditkids
And this sweet little wooden toy from My Sweet Muffin

Perhaps for his 1st christmas?



My husband is rarely home lately due to his hectic schedule, he's either at work , working overtime, working side jobs, at school, or doing homework. So when he is home Kyler and I just soak up every minute with him !

Our day went a little something like this ....

1. Breakfast on the porch. 2. The little one played with his sock puppet while showing off his push up skills. 3. A picnic and nature walk 4. Some pumpkin carving 5 kyler kicking my pumpkin does not make for easy carving. 6. Watching the sunset 7. lighting the pumpkins (not so impressed with them at all this year!)



So i am back to blogger and here to stay! About two years ago i switched over to tumblr but have decided that blogger is best for me and i have every intention of being dedicated to this blog and posting more regularly than i have in the past ! My hopes for this blog is to post everyday life as a momma and share my hobbies, loves and inspirations as well as improve in my photography. You can plan on seeing things such as cooking, style, thrifty finds, my sweet baby boy and lots of pictures of what were doing ... enjoy and be inspired!