Dream Catcher Necklace

This week my necklaces are on sale on  Brickyard Buffalo ! So I thought I would share with you all two different ways to style them ! The first one is a little more boho and the second a little more dressed up.

Boho Style
dreamcatcher necklaces-12.jpg
dreamcatcher necklaces-19.jpg
dreamcatcher necklaces-3.jpg
dreamcatcher necklaces-4.jpg

Maxi Dress : Forever 21
Shirt : Forever 21 (store only)
Shoes : Target
Purse : American Eagle (on sale)
Dream Catcher Necklace : Etsy
or on sale this week : Brickyard Buffalo

Dressy Style
dreamcatcher necklaces-23.jpg
dreamcatcher necklaces-31.jpg
dreamcatcher necklaces-29.jpg

Maxi Dress : Nordstrom
Vest : Nordstrom
Dream Catcher Necklace : Etsy
or on sale this week : Brickyard Buffalo
Shoes : Target (on sale)
Purse : Steve Madden


  1. LOVE the necklaces... seriously love them!! Saw them on Brickyard Buffalo and knew that HAD to be yours!

    Just Dawnelle

  2. You're so cute and creative. Love the necklaces.

  3. Loving your outfit!! So boho chic :) Cute necklace, too. I used to collect dreamcatchers :)

    Visiting from the blog hop. I'd love it if you can drop by mine and check out my latest post: www.fashchronicles.blogspot.com


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