Enjoying the Little Things


Quiet moments while Kyler naps// meal planning// clean home// fresh flowers// starbucks// cooking

This weeks photos are just little snippets from around the house while kyler napped. I always enjoy those moments where the house is actually clean… emphasis on moments because all you other moms with toddlers know it usually only lasts for a few minutes!
During his nap time I was able to meal plan a little and try out a few new recipes, i will be sure to share my favorites with you in next weeks post !

Also I just want to add that I do not do these type of posts to make my life seem more glamorous or put together than it is...I know sometimes as moms we can look at pictures of other peoples lives and tend to think how do they have time to do all that with a kid ! I know i often have thought that myself ! I say this because last week i had a few friends say to me that my house always looked so clean and put together in my photos but as a photographer i have learned to use the camera in a way where i can make something look different than it is … you often see a clean "section" of my house or a cute shelf etc. but i assure you it is often overflowing with laundry and dishes just like the rest of you #justtryingtokeepitreal ! Any how these posts are meant to capture little moments of peace and thankfulness.

It's the little things in life! 

Happy Friday Friends !


  1. Great photographs! Good point too, I think some people feel the pressure too much when seeing all these perfect images...I've been guilty of this when see how gorgeous other people always seem to look and I'm wondering how they have the time to look that perfect all the time!
    Katie x


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