"A ship is safe in harbor , but thats not what ships are for "


There is something about being at a harbor that just warms my heart. It brings back such fond memories of many summers spent in Maryland on my uncles boat. Lately Kyler and I have been spending a lot of time at the harbor, watching the birds soar around and experiencing many beautiful sunsets. I am so thankful for peaceful moments like these where I can stop to take in all the beauty around me.
These past couple months have been very hard for me, very eye opening but hard none the less ... i don't quite have the words to share all that i have been going through, but once i do i will be sure to share it with you all. Until than i will leave you with a very encouraging devotional i read this morning from the book Jesus Calling. 

          "My face is shinning upon you, beaming out peace that transcends understanding. 
You are surrounded by a sea of problems, but you are face-to-face with Me, your peace. As long as you focus on Me, you are safe. If you gaze too long at the myriad problems around you, you will sink under the weight of your burdens. When you start to sink, simply call out, "help me jesus!" and i will lift you up. The closer you live to me, the safer you are. Circumstances around you are undulating, and there are treacherous- looking waves in the distance. Fix your eyes on me, the one who never changes. By the time those waves reach you, they will have shrunk to proportions of my design. I am always beside you, helping you face today's waves."


  1. ahh I love the bit from the "Jesus Calling" so refreshing. And I agree, nothing better then the water

    1. Isn't it so good! by far my favorite devotional !

  2. oh my god, these pictures are gorgeous! you had me from the title

  3. This is beautiful...both your photos and your words. Sending you best wishes for whatever challenges you may be facing at the moment.

    Katie x

  4. I saw that devotion and it meant so much to me when I read it the other day. My heart has been very restless and anxious and it is amazing how I need to rest in the peace that Jesus provides.


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