Holiday Gift Guide


The Civil Wars // Poppy and Fern embroidered necklace  // Record Player  // Laundry Bag  // 
Kinfolk Table // H&M Pillow // Hat (styled by the lovely Ivana Revic HERE) // Madewell Heels // Birdy

Here are a few items i am loving right now! I think any of these would make 
a great gift to give or receive =) 
P.s. Have you guys seen the new H&M home products, like this pillow above? 
They are awesome and so affordable ! 


  1. What a beautiful collection, thank you for including Mr. Raccoon.

  2. Okay, great picks, I literally love all this! That pillow is so darn cute, I had no idea H&M was selling home products now, whaaaaat! I'm like really excited for this, I bet it's all so cute and super cheap! And my bf got me that record player in teal for my birthday, I love it! It's so cool to be able to listen to music in like that raw form. This probably sounds weird but I feel like it's a totally different experience to listen to stuff on record, he got me a few records as well, one of them being Mumford & Sons, and it sounds SOOO awesome! And the Civil Wars and Birdy are so great! And I totally thought that laundry bag was a tote, it's the cutest thing ever, I'd do my laundry all the time if I got to carry that thing around baha. That hat is like...rad hah I never use that word but it is, not sure if I could pull it off but its real cute! And that necklace is adorable, I clicked over to the Etsy site, I can't believe all those cute little necklaces are embroidered, that's crazy and awesome, they are so tiny, such an awesome little piece of art! Okay, sorry this was super long, but I just love your gift guide! I can tell already that we have very similar styles, I'll definitely be back to visit soon :)


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