I thought some of you back east and far away friends might like an update on the little man.  Today Kyler turned 9 months old! I can't believe how fast time is going by, he's doing so much and changing so much everyday! He's crawling all over the place and pulling him self up on anything he can. He is walking but only along the couch or an end table, he doesn't quite have the courage or strength yet to let go himself, but we are thinking it wont be to long until he does! Still no teeth! He is teething a lot lately so i am thinking they have to be popping up really soon (fingers crossed)! He is saying momma and dadda but i have to admit lately its mostly been dadda, allllll day long! He is eating just about everything now and he really loves momma's cooking, his favorite foods seem to mashed potatoes and chicken noodle soup (no broth tho, just the noodles and veggies). He is still not a big fan of tv, but he is good at having his independent time so this way momma gets some kind of a break! He loves going for walks in the stroller or the baby bijorn, so we are out doing that everyday. He loves playing with other kids so play groups are starting up this week for us! He loves reading books and looking at flash cards and his new favorite place is the beach! Yup just like his father! He LOVES the sand and he goes nuts crawling around all over the beach, i'll post some picture of that tomorrow but until than enjoy some shots of the little cutie from the past couple months!
^^ Playing with his flash cards ^^
^^ Looking threw his favorite book ^^
^^ Playing with his chicki ^^
^^ Posing for mom ^^
^^ Realxing?? What! This never happens. HAD to document the moment ^^
^^ Sitting in a field, looking kinda sad about it (he was ready for nap time!) ^^

And of course i will leave you with the many crazy faces and hair styles of kyler !

That's all i got for today ! I promise to start posting more frequently again, Just been very busy chasing after a little one all day !


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