Kylers first halloween from start to finish ....

1. daddy came home for lunch and we enjoyed some left over pot roast and roasted potatoes and veggies, drank some coffee and baked some pumpkin seeds 2. fall photo shoot with the babe, he would not sit still ! my little mover was all over the place so heres a few i kinda liked 3. got some halloween wine for mom and dad and 4. chinese take out for dinner (sorry for the poor house lighting) 5. Than we dressed our little dragon and we were off to trick or treat ! kyler was very amazed at all the big kids running around, although im sure we had more fun showing him off to the neighbors haha 6. he loved playing in his candy pile and crinkling the wrappers ! 7. we put the baby to bed ate some of his candy and watched some scary movies. We had a great first halloween with our little man


  1. Hi Alycia!

    Kyler is too cute! What a precious costume! So adorable... :) Would love to try that Vampire Merlot... Did you get a chance to try it? Sounds like a fun Halloween!

    1. Hi Amber !
      We did try the Vampire Merlot! I didn't really care for it Im more of a white wine person but my husband liked it!


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